Wednesday, 25 October 1967

  Protected Hospital Ship USS Sanctuary at the North/South Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

  Fired 300 rounds 5 inch projectiles into North Vietnam troop concentrations.

Sunday, 29 October 1967

  Firing north of DMZ, Operation Sea Dragon

Sunday, 5 November 1967

  13 Viet Cong confirmed killed in action (KIA) by Kyes naval gunfire
  support (NGFS) at Vietnam DMZ.

Sunday, 14 January 1968

  South Vietnam, destroyed VC Junk - Set afire.
  Port Subic Bay, Philippines for maintenance/replenishment.

Wednesday, 31 January 1968

  Departed Subic Bay, arrived Vietnam Combat Zone (Yankee Station).

Friday, 2 February 1968

  V.C. and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) TET offensive.