2013 Reunion in Colorado Springs

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2013 Reunion in Colorado Springs

#1 Post by rogerdonnay »

September 25-29, 2013

This year, our reunion is being held at the Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs,

Reunite with your shipmates and share photos, cruise books, videos and stories
about our great adventure on the high seas.

There will be shipmates who served on board during the Korean War and the Vietnam War
and possibly even some plank owners who served in WW-II. If you like U.S. Naval History,
then this is a way to talk with your shipmates about America's greatest generation and
their contribution during World War II.

There will be a 4 foot long replica of the USS James E. Kyes as it was in 1969 during
its service in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam.

There will be fun activities and games with prizes.

Bring your swim trunks or your remote control PT boat for fun in the indoor heated pool.

Tune up your crusty old vocal chords, because there just may be a Karaoke event,
so you can sing along with songs from the 50's and 60's.

The Academy Hotel is family owned and is the closest Hotel to the U.S. Air Force Academy.
Their rates are very reasonable for a hotel of this quality.
We arranged the following special rates for reunion attendees.

Leisure double queen, $69 nightly. Same for leisure king.
Executive twin double queen or king, $89 nightly.
10 leisure queens are reserved, 20 leisure kings are reserved.
10 executive kings are reserved.
If responses are high these can quickly be increased.
Rates are for 2 adults.
There is a complimentary hospitality room with 20 minimum reservations.

A donation is required to cover the costs to attendees for the banquet dinner and tours.
$80 per person or $120 per couple (before May 15, 2013)
$100 per person or $150 per couple (after May 15, 2013)

Make checks payable to:
USS James E. Kyes Association
1486 S. Loggers Pond Place, #11
Boise, ID 83706

If you have questions about the upcoming reunion, don't hesitate to email or call us

Roger Donnay, Secretary

Rick Warden, President

The Academy Hotel

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Re: 2013 Reunion in Colorado Springs

#2 Post by darwinsietsema »

This was my first reunion but,I plan on being at many more. I want to thank Roger for all of his work and Rick too. I had a very pleasant time and my wife enjoyed the company of many of the wives. The comraderie after 41 years was awsome. I can not express the feelings i had after seeing and talking to the crew.The video link with the Evans crew ,although flawed ,was a moving time. Again (Thank You) to Roger and Rick and all who helped make the reunion a success.
Darwin Sietsema aka Crazy Hairy

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Re: 2013 Reunion in Colorado Springs

#3 Post by jimschumacherjr »

Like Darwin Sietsema aka Crazy Hairy, this was my first reunion. Both Bill Schaiberger (first timer, too) and I traveled to Colorado Springs from Wisconsin. It was a very nice event and look forward to the next one. I enjoyed meeting all esp. Bert (Plank Owner). Bill & I were on the last cruise of the Kyes. What a span of time!

The first time we attended so we sat back and took in the events as planned. Now that we have a feel for the reunions, I would like to mention a thought we discussed on the return trip home. On the subject of reunions, I thought it would be nice to return to Colorado Springs. There was a lot of things to do there and I think I could use another trip there just to take more of it in. I think we had a very valuable package to our shipmates from an expense side of the adventure. I realize that many like to see it move around the country as it has in the past but can't overlook the experience there. Just my input and thought.

Bottomline, we enjoyed the reunion. Roger and others sure put in a lot of effort for this reunion. I truly believe the website will do the Kyes a big awareness to future attendees. It did for us.

Thanks to all,
Jim Schumacher

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