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USS James E. Kyes Awards

Awards, Ribbons and Citations given to the USS James E. Kyes View Web Page

USS James E. Kyes on Wikipedia

The Official Wikipedia Page of the USS James E. Kyes View Web Page

Tin Can Sailors

The National Association of Destroyer Veterans View Web Page


The Wikipedia page describing the history of Naval Destroyers View Web Page

Their mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with each other View Web Page

Kyes Technical Pages

Webpage that covers the ship's Installed Systems and Equipment View Web Page

Destroyers On Line

The USS James E. Kyes page of "Destroyers On Line" View Web Page

Operation Redwing

The USS James E. Kyes attended the nuclear tests in 1956 View Document

All Hands Magazine

The official website of the U.S. Navy "All Hands Magazine" View Web Page

Korean War Organization

The USS James E. Kyes page of WWW.KoreanWar.Org View Web Page


The USS James E. Kyes page of Navsource Naval History - Photographic History View Web Page

Desron 23

The Ships of Destroyer Squadron 23 during the Vietnam Campaign View Web Page

USS Leary (DD-158)

The Destroyer commanded by CDR James E. Kyes
It was sunk by German torpedoes during WW-II
View Wiki Page

Navy Veterans

A Social Network for Navy Veterans of the United States of America View Web Page

Navy Retirees

The Newsletter for Navy Retirees View Web Page

I Relieve You Sir

An official U.S. Navy training video about the USS Frank E. Evans tragedy You Tube - Part 1
You Tube - Part 2
You Tube - Part 3

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