USS James E. Kyes (DD-787) Association

Technical Data and Installed Systems and Equipment
Name of System or EquipmentDescription

AN/SPS-40 Radar

Air Search Radar System - FRAM 1B View Video
View Wikipedia

AN/SPS-10 Radar

Surface Search Radar System - FRAM 1B View Wikipedia


Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter
Model QH-50C Drone
View Gyrodyne Page
View Wikipedia Page
View YouTube Video
View Deployment
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Anti-Submarine Rocket Launcher View Wiki Page
View Nuclear Video

Gun Fire Control System

Mark 37 Fire Control System with Mark 25 Radar View Wiki Page
View NavOrd Docs

5 inch guns

Mark 12 5"/38 Caliber twin-barreled gun mounts View Wiki Page


AN/SQS-23 Sonar View Wiki Page

Active ECM

AN/ULQ-6B Deception Electronic Countermeasure Repeater View Technical Info
View Antenna Specs
View Conspiracy Theory

Passive ECM

AN/WLR-1 Countermeasures Receiver View Tech Info

Radio Equipment

Radio Transmitters and Receivers View Tech Info


AN/UPN-12 Long Range Navigation Receiver View Wiki Page


Mark 32 Torpedo Launchers View Wiki Page
View Photos 1 2


Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization View Wiki Page
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