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Kyes and Agent Orange


Kyes added to Brown Water List

Thanks again to Cathy Lasorda, the Kyes has finally been added
to the official VA list of Agent Orange ships in 2015.

This is the entry in the Brown Water list of ships:

USS James E. Kyes (DD-787) provided naval gunfire support on Song Ca River
during October 1967 and Ganh Rai Bay during June 1969
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2013 Reunion Presentation

Cathy Lasorda (Veterans Advocate) gave a power point presentation
at the 2013 Kyes reunion in Colorado Springs, CO.
The presentation was dedicated to providing evidence that Kyes
was present in Agent Orange spraying areas.
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Updated Brown Water List (year 2019)

Thanks again to Cathy Lasorda

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Ship's Logs

Cathy Lasorda (Veterans Advocate) provided ships logs from
periods in 1967, 1968, 1969 when the Kyes was in waters
designated as Agent Orange spraying areas.
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Veteran Statements

Statements of USS James E. Kyes shipmates given at the 2013
reunion. These statements are here to support Kyes shipmates
when applying for VA Benefits.
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Darwin Sietsema's Email

An email from Darwin Sietsema to Cathy Lasorda showing his
appreciation for her work on his behalf. After 25 years, he
finally received his VA Benefits.
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Jean Wilson's Email

An email from Jean Wilson showing her appreciation for
Kyes Shipmates for supporting her effort to get VA benefits
for her husband, Gerald Wilson.
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Lyle Freiberg's Email

An email from Lyle Freiberg. After 25 years, he finally received his VA Benefits.
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Vietnam Veterans of America

The slogan of VVA is "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another".
Kyes shipmates from 3 wars are all brothers.
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The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2015

There is a new bill that has been introduced that will help Vietnam Veterans View Document

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act Reintroduced

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